The Past


The heritage behind Moccona was born half a world away in the quaint Netherlands’ village of Joure. In a little grocery store, Egbert Douwes sold Java grown coffee to the locals. With quiet passion his small enterprise flourished and soon became a tea and coffee emporium.


The 20th century fuelled the worldwide coffee boom and in the spirit of change the business was renamed Douwe Egberts - meaning Douwe, the Son of Egbert - to honour it’s founding father. To celebrate the occasion the flagship company introduced the Douwe Egberts Red Seal logo which in essence remains on the Moccona jar today.


As the instant coffee craze spread across Europe, Douwe Egberts launched the now legendary Moccona brand. Australia?then took it’s first shipment of Moccona in it’s iconic cylindrical glass jar and gold label. Originally sold in delicatessens and small specialty stores it symbolised the little indulgence from Europe that added to the pleasures of daily existence.


Moccona's reputation for world class quality saw it become a household name, a supermarket favourite and the most indulgent freeze dried coffee. It’s known for its premium taste and elegant glass jar, making Moccona a much loved classic in homes all over Australia.


D.E Master Blenders 1753 and Mondelēz International, Inc. combine their respective coffee businesses and create the world's leading pure-play coffee company - JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS (JDE).

Meeting Australia’s demand for the ‘in home’ cafe experience, Moccona launches it’s signature smooth, rich taste in Capsules. Moccona Espresso Capsules will bring you a whole new world of indulgence to heighten your coffee pleasure. Each capsule contains a blend of specially selected ground coffee beans and with the Moccona seal of quality, we have created the perfect barista style coffee for your home.

Our Future

The Future of Coffee

We love coffee as much as you do and we want the love affair to last forever. That’s why JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS is a leader when it comes to buying sustainable, certified coffee. We’re passionate about making a more sustainable industry, from responsible sourcing and through the manufacturing and distribution processes.

DE Foundation

UTZ Certified

Since 2004 we have been working together with UTZ Certified - an independent hallmark for sustainable coffee and tea. Whoever buys UTZ Certified coffee helps create a better tomorrow because UTZ Certified stands for sustainable agriculture with better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. Today and tomorrow. For more information, visit?

The Coffee Story

The Coffee

It’s not possible to imagine a world without coffee. It’s the essential ingredient for a happy day, the catalyst for ‘me time’ and the creator of the day’s space.

So at Moccona, every single one of our coffees are expertly blended to satisfy your tastes and moods. Some have long pedigrees - others more recently developed by our Master Blenders.?Each new blend is crafted to meet evolving consumer demands in our ever changing coffee culture.

Wherever you are, whenever you drink Moccona you are absolutely assured of the highest quality and better still you know we created this coffee exclusively for your pleasure.

The Beans

Moccona instant coffee is created using two of the world’s finest beans: Arabica and the Robusta. The Arabica has a softer sweeter taste with berry and fruit tones that create luscious acidity reminiscent of good wine. The Robusta bean has a deep rich flavour with more caffeine and gives a deep rich flavor to any brew.

Together they bring the magical blend and character you expect from the perfect cup of coffee. Every time you smell the aroma of Moccona, you’ll be reminded of the great passion that drives us to create moments of pure indulgence - just for you.